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Do you have a loose or a damaged USB connector ?  You came to the right place.! Let's face it:  without a working USB, your device is pretty much useless.

 But before you assume that your USB is loose or damaged, check for the obvious. Are you sure your charging cable is in good condition ? How about your power source ? Can you look inside the connector and see if there is lint build up ? Sometimes pocket lint can be the culprit. People carry their gadgets in their pockets and over time lint will find its way into the USB connector. When this happens, the charging cable will not be able to make a good contact with the metal stripes inside the connector. Lint also prevents the charging cable from locking to the connector. If all looks good, then it is time for a USB repair or replacement.

We are very familiar with all types of these connectors. We know their pin-outs.  We know their specs and how they are used. We understand how they fail and why. And, most importantly, we know how to fix them. Does your USB have damaged pads so that it can no longer be soldered normally to the board ? No problem. We have schematic diagrams for just about every USB connector out there. We will be able to wire the connector to the board as it is supposed to be and complete the circuit for it to work correctly.

Even though manufacturers kept improving the design of this connector to increase its life span, they still fail. Many people agree that even the micro USB, which was supposed to be an improvement to the mini USB, is one of the flimsiest connectors ever designed. Stop blaming yourself because you feel you did something wrong. These connectors fail due to constant use. It is the nature of the beast. If you are gentle with them, they will last for years without any problems. If you are rough with your equipment, they will fail much sooner.

 A loose or damaged USB connector is a disease that will only get worse if not treated quickly and properly. Waiting and hoping that the connector will get better on its own is wishful thinking. Please do not waste your time with crazy fixes that do not work, like using glues or (funny one) a toothpick ! All the fixes you hear or read about do nothing to fix a USB connector problem. In fact, they will only make things worse and the repair more difficult.

 Whether you have a phone, a camera, a tablet, a GPS, or whatever, and the USB connector is loose or damaged, do not panic. Do not get frustrated.  We have fixed hundreds of these connectors on all kinds of equipment. We not only fix the connector but we also give it much needed extra support so that it will not fail again.  It is always a better option to fix the connector and hold on to your equipment than replacing it. Why ? Because it is much cheaper than replacement and, once fixed, the equipment will work like new. In addition to the financial benefit, by holding on to your equipment,  you help keep our universe green. Who needs more waste and extra trips to the land fill ?  We stock some of the hardest to find USB connectors. Our work is top notch and guaranteed to last for as long as you own the device (provided you use it normally) ! Even better, you will be pleasantly surprised with our reasonable pricing. Getting your device up and running is only a few clicks away !                      


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