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The Ti 83 is a very popular calculator among school and college students. Unfortunately, over time it develops some issues that make it virtually useless, like a garbled/blue screen, dead, won't graph or calculate correctly, some buttons stop working, etc. These are very serious problems but fixable. We are very familiar with every problem and how to fix it properly and permanently.  Do not get rid of it or run to the store and pay full price for a new calculator. Contact us and get it fixed. Your calculator will work like new once we fix it. We only charge $28 to fix this calculator which includes return shipping (USA only). This price applies to the older 83, 83 Plus and 83 Plus Silver Edition. If you have a different calculator, like the 84 Plus or another model, we can help you also but our repair fee is a bit higher depending on the exact model of the calculator. Do not spend another penny on another calculator before you contact us first to see how we can help you.

 If you are a teaching institution and have lots of these broken calculators, please contact us and get them fixed. We give more discounts for volume orders, so you will save your school or college lots of money ! when you consider all the options as to what to do with a broken calculator, you will find that our option is the best option of all !                


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