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These are testimonials that we've received from satisfied customers. They were sent either via email or standard mail and are available on record. Please read what people say about the service they've received:


"Thanks for such wonderful service. I could not be happier  "                                                                                                                                 Steve Mourduk, Gilbert

"....Just wanted to thank you for fixing my son's xbox. He is having a blast. Another shop told us it couldn't be fixed"                                                                                          Marie Lindell , Queen Creek

" I was so pleased with both the quality of service I received and the timeliness of completion - (24 hours) at Nabil's Electronics. My son's PSP would have cost an initial fee of $50 + shipping + parts & repairs if I had sent it to Sony. Nabil's total price for service and parts was far below ! I will recommend him to my friends and family in the future".                                                                                   Kim Moyers, Gilbert

"Outstanding ! I will highly recommend you to family and friends "                                                                 Steve Holloway, Chandler

"I could not find anyone in my area to fix my iPod until a friend told me about you. You will be my electronics repair guy from now on. Thank you so much for such wonderful service"                        Sue Berry, Tempe

" My child's Playstation 2 needed a new laser. Nabil communicated with me about the problem and fixed it in a timely manor. He was very professional and nice...... I was happy with the service I received and would use Nabil again in the future".           Michelle Walker , Queen Creek

" I wasn't about to throw away my VCR as I have tons of recorded home video tapes. I called Nabil's Electronics regarding a problem I was having with it. Nabil not only explained the problem to me but actually had the part I needed. He sold me the part and walked me through the installation process. Nabil's Electronics saved my VCR and my pocket book"       Chris Gaynor , Maricopa

" Thank you so much for your wonderful service ! I was really hesitant to ship my ipod to some stranger I don't know anything about. You proved me wrong. I got my ipod back fairly quickly and it works as good as ever before. I will highly recommend you to everybody I know"      Jenny Shula , Fresno, CA

" Nabil provided an upfront estimate and the repair was completed quickly and within the original estimate. I was very satisfied with the quality and time it took to complete the repair. I definitely recommend Nabil's Electronics".  Tracy Hernandez, Chandler

"We absolutely could not find anyone to fix our son's N64 until a local video store gave us Nabil's phone number. We were very delighted with the service. Nabil's repair charge was much less than what we were willing to pay. We higlhly recommend Nabil's Electronics".  Josh and Karen Vasquez / Gilbert, AZ

"Nabil's Electronics is fantastic and offers excellent customer service. Nabil picked up and delivered my PSP at my workplace and quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. And, the charges were very reasonable. I will definitely call Nabil first for any future electronics problems. Thanks Nabil !!! "                       Holly Aguila , Mesa, AZ

" Just wanted to say "thank you very much" for bringing our xbox 360 back to life ! MS wanted $140 to fix it. Your charge was much lower and we were very happy with your service.  Keep up the good work.   The Hartman Family, Maricopa

"Nabil, thank you sooo much for the service. I was amazed that you were able to fix the Nintendo DS. I went to so many places that were clueless. I thought that the system was headed  for the garbage. You definitely saved me a lot of money...Good to know I have a electronics guy who is legit and fairly priced....You'll be hearing from me again when I need help ! Keep up the great service :) "       Valerie Thorpe , Gilbert

" The service response and stated repairs was excellent. Repairs were performed and the item (GPS system) was returned very quickly. We are extremely delighted with the service and would highly recommend Mr. Haddad's technical repair service to anyone.      Tom Woolworth, Roswell, New Mexico

"Works great ! You're the man. I'll be sure to tell the 50,000 member department where to go. Wink...wink"   Thomas McKendry, Lawndale, CA

"Letter of recommendation:  I sent my GPS in for repair to Mr. Nabil Haddad of Nabil's Electronics. I found him to be very competent, honest and reasonable. He kept me informed when he received the GPS, the cost of repair. how long it would take to repair, and when he would send it back. I found his services to be reasonable with very fast turnaround and I would recommend him to anyone looking to use his services"           John Booker,    Lawrenceville, Georgia

"Nabil: thank you so much for the fast service. I use my GPS system all the time for business travel and really depend on it to get me where I need to be. The screen broke when I placed too much in my laptop bag. After searching the internet for someone to repair it, I finally found Nabil's Electronics Repair. Even the manufacturer will not do repairs unless under warranty. Luckily, I found your service and instead of having to buy a new one you replaced the screen at a great price. You definitely saved me money and I did not have to throw away my fairly new GPS. You're my first choice now for electronic repair"  Glenn Waring, Lake Wales, FL  (email address published with permission from Mr. Waring)

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I thought my iPhone was done until I discovered you on the net. Your honesty and quick responses to my concerns convinced me to choose you from all the other services out there. Your price was fair and I got my phone much quicker than I thought.  I will definitely keep you in mind and give your name out :)"  Brenda Edwards, Richmond, VA

" I broke the screen on my Garmin GPS. I contacted Nabil Haddad of for repair. I was so impressed by the speedy turnaround of the repair and return of my GPS. I was kept in the loop via email of his receipt, repair and return shipment notification. The unit now works as new and I happily recommend Mr. Nabil's service to all"   Barry Kaufman, Territory Manager, Wantagh, New York

" I can not praise you enough !  My phone was fixed fast and cheap. SO HAPPY ! "   Paige McKee, Nashua, NH

" Thank you for your wonderful service !!  You fixed my son's DS Lite very quickly and saved me at least $40. I will definitely keep your contact info in case I need something else repaired. Keep up the excellent work ."  Janet Stone, Denver, Colorado

"My Nikon camera fell during a trip and I almost threw it away until I found your service. You fixed it quickly and for less than half of what the manufacturer wanted to charge me !!  Excellent service. Excellent price. I can't be more satisfied. Thank you very much !"

Adam Ramirez. Lansing, MI

"Just writing to let you know how happy I was with your service. I received my iPhone back quickly and your price was cheaper than everybody else's. You just added another one to your long list of satisfied customers!"  Ben Kirkland, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Nabil, once again, it has been a rare pleasure to deal with someone like you. Your parents did a great job in bringing you up correctly"    Roy Thornton, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Unbelievably quick turnaround; a fair price; excellent service. Thanks !"  David Borkowski, Washington, Pennsylvania.

"I bought a refurbished camera from Nabil's Electronics and I can honestly say that their service and quality are the best. They really care about their customers and I would not hesitate to buy from them again"     David Rushton, Coconut Creek, Florida

" I would like to thank you for the swift,friendly and professional way you handled the repair  (Canon camera). Your price was reasonable. Your communication with me throughout the process was timely, professional and accurate and you returned the camera in PERFECT working order. I will surely recommend you and use you again in the future as the need arises"   Lynn Whealan, Mills River, North Carolina

"Thank you for your expert repair. Emailing you from my excellently repaired BlackBerry! "  Ryan Hobart,  Bloomington, IL

"Many thanks for your excellent service ! My phone works like new again. I will keep your contact info in case I need repair again"   Emily Russell, Augusta, GA

"Excellent communications, truly fair prices, super shipping, honest to the bone, excellent repair work. I would do more business with him, how's the old saying goes, at the drop of a hat. Thanks again for your kind help and repair"   James Hartselle, Goose Creek, SC

" My Canon camera broke just as the factory warranty expired (sounds familiar ?). After exchanging a few emails with Nabil's Electronics, I decided to send it to Nabil's for a free diagnosis. The price and service were simply outstanding ! I highly recommend Nabil's Electronics Repair."        Laura Lamb      Los Angeles, CA

" I am grateful for two things today: the internet and Nabil's Electronics. Your excellent service makes me think twice now before I throw away my broken electronics. You saved my phone and my day. Thanks !!!"   Darrel Kindel, Peoria, ILL.

"I just wanted to thank you for repairing my Garmin. It has been more than 6 months since you replaced the screen on my 1450LMT and it has worked great since then. You saved me a lot of time and hassle. Thank you !" Daniel Maher, Columbus, OH

"Great service ! My GPS is like new again"  Steve Smiley, Seekonk, Massachusetts.

"These guys are the greatest ! Completely satisfied. Honest service. Thank you"   John Heindel, Beverly Hills, FL

"We received our repaired Garmin today.Thank you for the quick turn around. It was a pleaure to do business with you.Your prices are fair and your communications were quick and accurate. I wish more companies provided the level of service which you have demonstrated"  Paul Sarkis, Nazareth, PA

" I want to tell you that I am very pleased with your timeliness, service and response.I would highly recommend your work to anyone in need of Garmin repair. I am 100% satisfied. No negatives whatsoever. Thank you very much ."  Harland Scholl, Oxford, Mississippi                                 


" guys went out of your way to service my unit above and beyond what I would have expected of anyone providing similar services. When one of our other Garmins starts to malfunction, I know exactly where to send it. I appreciate all of your hard work and great customer service"  Donald  Von Minden, Lampe Surveying Company, Royse City, Texas           


" I just wanted to let you know that you did an incredible repair job on my GPS :)  Wow ! Looks brand new ! Many thanks ".   Rob Washer, Merrimack, New Hampshire 

"Great service -  responded quickly- asked good questions-diagnosed problem- total time 9 days from first contact. Excellent !"     Doug Printz,  EL Dorado Hills, California               

"Wow ! That was incredible service . Thanks so much."  Roger Gorey, Midlothian, Virginia  

"Thank you so much  for your excellent service and quick turnaround !"   Mike Stafford, Alexandria, Virginia       

" It came today- only the fifth day after sending it to you !  Everything works great. Thank you so much"   Jim Scheidegger, Coconut Creek, Florida

"Fantastic job with the repair ! Great service and really appreciate the quick response time"  Chetan Chaturvedi,  Secaucus, New Jersey 

"I just want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service I received from you. Thanks so much. I'll be back for more business" Paul McKellar, Spring Lake, North Carolina

"Thank you very much for the service and your honesty. Hard to find in the business world today.....I will spread the word about your customer service"  Dan Sullivan, Crosby, Texas

"...You have provided excellent service with clear instructions on shipping and payment. Great and prompt communication on the status of the repair and return shipment, and a fast turnaround for a very reasonable price. I am very satisfied with this transaction"  Curtis Tong, Antioch, California

" I am so glad I  found Nabils Electronics !! I called several repair shops in my area to fix my Ti 84 Plus C but nobody knew what I was talking about ! Nabils Electronics fixed it cheaply and quickly. Awesome job ! I am very happy".  Kristy Longhorne, Austin, Texas 

" ....You are very professional with your communication, your pricing, and your commitment to your customers. I was very impressed"  Joseph P, Colorado Springs, Colorado (customer's contact information available upon request) 

" I wanted to thank you for your excellent repair work. I received the GPS and ipod, and I'm extremely happy with your work and very fair pricing. You are now my go-to guy when I need electronics repair in the future"  John Grassi,  Marion, New York 


" I used the repaired GPS all day today. It works perfectly !  Thanks for your prompt and professional service and fair price "  Clark Brunton,  Grove city, Ohio 


"Took 700 mile round trip to visit our daughter in Goldsboro, NC and also took the Garmin with us to Washington State and Oregon- a 600 mile round trip. In all 4 days of travel, the Garmin never hiccuped once, never rebooted, never tried to search for a computer connection that wasn't there ! Thanks again for your very good work at a very good price"  Charles Bolen, Brevard, North Carolina 

" Nabil,  Thanks so much for your fantastic service. I have dealt with a number of online services in the past and I have no complaints with any of them. However, after dealing with your company I can not say enough about your communication, repair, courtesy and genuine respect for your customers. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Don't change anything ! "  Michael Irvin, Granite Falls, Washington 

" I just got back from a 500 mile round trip on unfamiliar roads after having had my Garmin nuvi 1450 repaired.The GPS worked flawlessly. No problems at all with the USB connection.Thanks Nabil's Electronics.  Having you fix the unit was some of the best money I've ever spent "  Rick Calley, Red  Wing, Minnesota

" We found Nabil's Electronics on YouTube. The exact issue we were having was described along with a fix for it- very reasonably priced. Service was as promised and very thorough with a quick turnaround. If you have a Garmin or other electronics, take the time to contact Nabil's Electronics first before giving it a toss and spending more money than needed"  The McDowell Family, Polk City, Florida

 "  I found info on this company on the internet while researching what was wrong with my Garmin nuvi. I discovered that Nabil's Electronics Repair had the know how to fix the unit. I sent it in per their instructions. They repaired the unit and returned it promptly. Great service. Good people. I highly recommend !!"     Bob Hochtritt, Neenah, wisconsin

"Thank you so much for repairing my Garmin GPS AND for doing it so quickly. It certainly beat having to buy a new one. You kept me appraised every step of the way and I received it back in perfect condition. Thank you for being a great company to deal with"

                                                                                      Sharon Larkin, New Jersey 

" I couldn't have asked for a better result. You truly are a very skilled professional with exceptional  customer interfacing skills. Your website portrays your organization and expectations perfectly, and my experience has been nothing less than outstanding"

                                                                                      Rick Chunko, Dover, Delaware 

" I value honesty....myth has it that Diogenes of Sinope searched the ancient city for an honest man. If alive, today, I would tell him "Go to Chandler."

                                                                            Ernest Dutra, Rumford, Rhode Island 

" I am so pleased with the excellent repair of my older Garmin nuvi.... After some research online I determined that the problem was a connection problem. I found Nabil's website and he said he can fix it or no charge. I took a chance and mailed the GPS to Nabil's Electronics. within 5 days, I have my GPS back and working perfectly. If you want to keep your older electronic device, fixing it with Nabil is the way to go"     Helen Spirer, Brooklyn, New York 

 " I just wanted to thank you for the service extended to replace the broken screen on my GPS. From start to finish it  probably was the most satisfying service experience I have ever had. Pricing fair, instructions and explanation precise, repair time and return delivery exceptional. I will tell all my friends about your service " Don Mathews, Mc Cormick, South Carolina.

" Garmin could not repair my GPS and only offered a discount on an exchange. I googled USB port  and found Nabil's Electronics. I decided to have the unit repaired and it was returned promptly. It was a totally satisfying experience."  Elliott Hirsh, Abington, Pennsylvania 

" I just wanted to thank you again for the great service. My relatively old Garmin nuvi 1370 now works like new since you repaired the USB connector. Service was prompt and professional.... a pleasure doing business with you"  Maggie Shiels, Toronto, Canada 

" Nabil, It's been two months since you sent me the LG phone as replacement for my water damaged phone and it is working perfectly ! You saved me lots of money- thank you so much ! I will surely keep your number for future repairs. Keep up the excellent work"

                                                                         Sandra Jaffe, Detroit, Michigan 

" Got my GPS back today. Thank you very much. Very impressed with your service. Shipped across the country, repaired and shipped back faster and cheaper than I could get done locally, if I could even find a place"  Steve Rierson, Greensboro, North Carolina 


" I sent my Garmin GPS to Nabil's Electronics to have the mini USB connector replaced and had it back within one week in excellent working condition.Great service ! I will use Nabil's again for any small  electronic device that needs repair"  

                                                          Gerald Weckelman , Penfield, New York

" Your reply to my query including a quote was extremely quick as was the repair. I took a chance . What a great decision ! Your price was reasonable and your service was exceptional"           George  White,  Lafayette, Louisiana 

" Do you deal with LCD TV ? I know shipping might be difficult but honestly you are the most trusted person when it comes to repairs"  Mohamed Elramah, Dothan, Alabama 

" Nabil, just a quick note thanking you for the excellent customer service starting with answering my questions and ending with the quick turnaround in repair time. You made it quick and easy. You will be my first choice should I have another electronic device failure"                                                                                      Bob Hanna,  Warren, New Jersey