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Sound is too low ? Unable to hear directions ? Please read on !


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 Bikers and truck drivers : take heart !  The solution to low sound volume from your GPS is here ! Add engine noise to the inherently low internal speaker volume, it is surprising you can hear anything from your GPS at all ! But now you do not have to worry about that. We can install an audio jack that will send loud, clear and crisp directions right into your ears ! Or, you can feed it into your bike's or truck's sound system.

Please note that some jurisdictions prohibit the use of headphones while driving. You will be using your newly installed headphone jack with full understanding of the risks involved.

How it works:  With the added audio jack socket you will get sound from both channels so that you will hear in both ears. We use a compatible audio jack so the sound is loud and clear. When you plug your headphones etc, the internal speaker in the GPS will get muted and audio will be routed to your headphones (Closed Circuit Jack.) . When you unplug the headphones, sound comes back to the internal speaker. Also note that the jack we use is for stereo audio only and does not support a microphone. It is the TRS type (Tip/Ring/Sleeve).If your plug is the TRRS type and supports a microphone, this jack will not work.  If your GPS has enough room inside for the jack, we will gladly wire and mount it inside the GPS. If there is not room for the jack, we will mount it on the back cover and make it easily accessible ( see photo below) We may have to drill a few holes in the cover to mount it correctly. Bikes use special cradles to house the GPS. We will mount the audio jack appropriately depending on the type of cradle used.


Warning:  It should go without saying that this procedure will void your warranty. So please think carefully before you decide to go ahead with it. 


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