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Please read this section carefully so you know what to expect and for peace of mind.  We extend this warranty on both products and services to give you more confidence when you do business with us.

Every repair we do comes with a warranty for your peace of mind. We stand behind our work 100%.  We do not believe in charging people for flimsy repair work. We always put ourselves in your shoes, so we treat you exactly like we want to be treated !

The exact terms and extent of the warranty will be explained on your service invoice and will depend on the overall condition of the unit. Our warranty only covers the work performed and parts used as described on the invoice. It does not cover damage resulting from breakage or misuse. For example, if we replace the lens on your camera then you drop it and break the LCD. This will not be covered under warranty. Or, if you drop your equipment in water. This will not be covered either as it is negligence.

  Unfortunately, often times customers attempt the repair themselves and end up causing more damage to the unit. If this  applies to you, please let us know exactly what you did when you bring the item for repair.  Being honest with us from the beginning will save you time and money and expedite the repair.

As for our products , please know that almost everything we sell  is refurbished but is in very good working condition. These items are normally priced at less than half what they cost new and most come with a warranty . Again, the exact terms of the warranty will be explained on your sales receipt, or in the item's description if you buy it from us online.  If you have to ship the item to us for repair during the warranty period, please contact us first. You agree to pay for shipping the item to us, and we will pay for shipping back to you (unless described otherwise). We will contact you as soon as we receive the item and will keep you updated until the item is fixed and shipped back. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.   


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