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Over the span of more than 30 years, we have repaired just about everything- from Beta VCR's to Alarm Clocks to Big Screen televisions. However, due to health issues, now we only work on small, portable electronics. We do not work on big items, like televisions.

We use OEM parts for reliability. If such parts are not available or are very expensive, we use substitute parts that we know will do the job just fine. Most of our repairs come with a 90-day warranty on both parts and labor (please read more about our warranty in the "Our Warranty" section.). Due to health issues, we no longer work on equipment that requires  lifting or bending. We mainly work on portable electronics that can be placed on a bench, like GPS systems, portable DVD players, cell phones, ipods, video game systems, etc. If you're not sure whether we work on your equipment, please contact us. Be advised, however, that we do not support mods or the installation of any software not recommended by the manufacturer. This will not only void your warranty but it will also cause major problems with your unit down the road. This is especially true with smart phones and video game systems, like the Wii.

With the constant decline in the price of consumer electronics, repair on some items is no longer economical. However, many times repair is a good option if the repair cost is much less than replacement . So, if you have something that needs repair and you are not sure what it will cost to fix,  please contact us.    AZTECH@AOL.COM


To Repair or not to repair - that's the question

 The first thing that comes to mind when a piece of equipment breaks down is whether it is worth repairing. The only person who can make this decision is you- the owner. To the vast majority of people, whether to repair or not is simply a matter of economics. For example, if your television will cost $150 to fix and you know you can buy a brand new similar set for about $200, would you go ahead with the repair? We certainly wouldn't. Of course, there are very few people who will repair a piece of equipment even at a high cost for purely sentimental reasons .  Yet others want to fix their equipment because they are very familiar with it and hate  learning how to operate a new product all over again.

We also evaluate a repair situation from our vantage point, i.e. is this repair  profitable for us ? Based on our experience, we try to stay away from certain brands experiencing certain symptoms because we know what we're up against. Some brands and specific models suffer from chronic problems that no matter how good a job we do, we know this equipment will fail again and for the same reasons within a relatively short period. You can call it a design flaw or whatever. The bottom line is:  we know we will lose money in the long run by doing the repair- not to mention the great inconvenience this will cause you.  So do not be surprised if we decline a repair and we will explain to you why . Take the xbox 360 with the flashing 3 red lights, for example. Some people claim to have found a solution to this problem and flooded the market with so-called "kits" to fix it. Others even created ebooks and CD's in an attempt to cash in on it. But soon people realized this scam and stopped buying these "kits" because they were a very temporary fix at best. The real, permanent solution to this problem is to reflow the board so that the GPU can re-establish good contacts with the main board. Doing so requires a sophisticated (and expensive) machine that can deliver precise temperatures at different intervals during the repair process. We will not fix this problem because we don't have the machine.  Some brands suffer from very poor manufacturer support so that technical information, especially repair parts, are very hard to find (this applies to most Chinese products). The good news is that  these brands and models are few. And with our prices being very reasonable, repair remains indeed a viable option..   

Fly-by-night repair people :  

 There are people out there who may offer the same repair at a much lower price. All we can say is: be careful !  These people pretend to know but they don't. And when you call them again you probably won't find them. Even worse than that, they will damage your equipment and make it worse than it was.  Manufacturers are making their new products harder to repair. They are using special screws, fused assemblies and micro components . You can not fix this stuff with a couple of screwdrivers ! You should go with someone (like us) with a proven track record. We've been repairing electronics for over 25 years and we take pride in our work and our clients.

A word To The Wise Many times a repair will appear easy and you would be very tempted to try it yourself. Some vendors will even give you a "video tutorial" on how to replace certain parts. Our advice to you is: if your grandmother can't do it, don't even try ! Things will look nice and easy on video or in  pictures, but when it comes to actually doing the repair, it is usually much harder and requires experience. We say this because we see daily what people bring us: unfinished jobs that now require more work and  cost more money, or parts that were replaced needlessly because that did not fix the problem.  Vendors will tell you it's easy because they want to sell the part. Once they sell it to you, you're on your own.

When  you order one of our online services

 We believe that good communication is key to just about anything. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work and we will do anything reasonable to achieve this goal. Please contact us if you have any questions or are not sure about anything. If our work did not meet your expectations, please let us know and we will work things out to your complete satisfaction. We advertise our service on several online auction sites, like ebay. Please give us the opportunity to resolve any issues before you file a claim or leave a negative feedback. Although we try our darnest to keep our customers happy, we remain human and do make mistakes sometimes. If you ship us an item for repair, you should at least add a tracking number for a small extra fee to ensure that your unit arrives to our shop. We can not be responsible for items that get lost or damaged in transit..

Abandoned items

 We will not be responsible for any items left in our shop for over 30 days, whether it was dropped off or shipped. Please understand that we are not a storage facility. Claim your item within 30 days or else we will consider it abandoned and will dispose of it as we see fit, or we may sell it to recover parts and labor cost. You will have 30 days to pay for our service from the time we inform you that your equipment is ready. And you will have 30 days to pay for return shipping from the time we give you a repair quote if you decline repair, or if repair is not possible.