Nabil's Electronics Repair

"We're in business to save you money !"


   If you have any questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and click "Submit", or click the email link if you are using a mobile device.

We gladly accept shipment from our friends to the north for repair. Our treatment and service to you will be the same as all our customers. We take very seriously and with pride and gratitude the fact that you chose us for your repair needs from  thousands of repair centers across North America. By choosing us, you impress on us to do our very best and we promise you to do just that ! There will be a small extra shipping fee added to the price. The exact amount depends on the nature of item (s)  you are sending. Please contact us for a  total repair quote- including return shipping. You will notice that repair on many items is still economical even after you factor in the small extra shipping fee. Join the green revolution. Stop dumping items that can be saved. And, above all, save some money! Contact us today.


                                                     (480) 403-1865