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 Are you a technician or a do-it-yourselfer who started a repair or a project and messed up a bit ? We all do that sometimes. Maybe you pulled a very tiny wire or knocked off one of those very tiny components ? That piece needs to be put back where it belongs or else your equipment will not function as it should. Maybe you want to solder some micro pieces onto a board but lack the experience and confidence to do so ?  Did you break a wire or a plug on your expensive headphones ?  If you think a $10 soldering iron will solve your problem, think again ! Try to solder a very tiny SMD component or a QFN chip and see how far you get. Do not make things worse by attempting a repair well beyond your ability or expertise.  We are experts in this type of soldering.  Please contact us to see how we can help you with your project or botched repair.                                          


                                                    (480) 403-1865