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GPS devices are some of the most helpful electronic gadgets available. In addition to making paper maps and bulky Thomas Guides things of the past, GPS devices have voice activation , give you step-by-step instructions and list points of interest as well as traffic conditions; On some advanced models you can even store and play music!


But like everything else electronic, they too need some TLC once in a while to keep them happy and get you where you want to go quickly and safely.Aside from the common failures like battery problems, broken LCD or a bad touchscreen...etc, we are starting to notice some common failures with some brands and models. We are documenting these problems and stocking up on the necessary parts to fix them. We are particularly familiar with the major brands like Garmin, TomTom and Magellan.


So the next time your GPS takes you the wrong way, that could be a clear sign that it needs some attention. Contact us first for quality service at a very reasonable price. We stock many parts and chances are very good we have your part. Why send it to the manufacturer and wait forever when you can send it to us and get it back in a few days? We provide the same quality service at a much lower price.


Unfortunately, some people try to do their own repairs. They buy a battery from a vendor in China, for example. This vendor happens to show a short video on how to replace the battery, so they think they have it made. Then the unthinkable happens. They break the case while they attempt to open the unit, or, if they were able to open it safely, they break the plug or pull a wire. Then they are stuck ! We see these issues  almost daily. People send us units that they attempted to repair but could not, or they actually caused more damage. Do not be one of these people. If you are not sure of your own abilities. save yourself time, money and aggravation by letting us do the work. Our prices are reasonable and we have tons of experience so you will be in good hands.

 send the car charger

If the problem you're experiencing has to do with power or charging, it is a very good idea to send your car charger along so we can check it out for free using our specialized tools. Sometimes the problem is caused by a bad/intermittent car charger. 


GPS not picking up satellite signal:


If you received your repaired GPS, you turned it on and the unit is not picking up any satellites, please do not panic.  It is normal for a GPS to take a few minutes to pick up satellites again  after it has been moved a long distance from where it picked up the last signal. It needs a few minutes to re-orient itself and find the satellites from your location.  Simply turn the GPS on and stand in a clear spot facing the sky without obstructions. The GPS will do the rest. Watch the bars on the top left corner of your screen. When you have at least three green bars, the GPS is ready to navigate.


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